Are Millionaire Raffle draws fixed?


Good afternoon sir or madam,

I understand that you allow draws to be played up to four weeks ahead.One thing we have noticed through careful monitoring the results on millionaire raffles.The computer does not seem to pick up the raffles played three or four weeks ago and the ticket is still valid.This has been happening all the times since the raffle game was introduced.Which means people who play for four weeks in advance don’t stand the chance of winning the raffle.For example; the millionaires raffle on 25th of November 2011,18 raffles were won.If  you look you’ll find all the numbers picked by the computer are latest ones.There are raffle numbers of  four weeks ago which start with NSV……..None of them came up.These tickets bought four weeks ago are still valid you would expect  at least one of them would come up.Don’t you think the computer is overloaded so that the computer can’t pick up old numbers?

Even the last time you had a lot of raffles to be won at the same time you’d find the same problem.

Dr C


The ratio of prizes between ‘old’ raffle numbers and ‘new’ raffle numbers will be directly dependent on the number of tickets bought in advance and with those bought for that draw.  So if, for example, 20 million tickets were bought for a particular draw and only 1 million had been purchased in the three weeks leading up to that draw, it would not be statistically unusual for all the drawn tickets to come from those bought in the week – i.e. the new ones.

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